pro calm skin treatment

Pro Calm targets a range of sensitive skin conditions. Soothing botanical actives soothe skin while lymphatic drainage and pressure point massage help to calm a stressed nervous system.


This treatment is a great option for those who suffer from inflammatory skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and even inflamed acne.

key benefits

  • Reduces redness for visibly calmer skin
  • Leaves skin feeling softer
  • Balances skin texture and hydrates
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how does it work?

PRO Calm works in three actively calming phases: soothe + calm, strengthen + restore, and support + protect.

phase 1: soothe + calm 

Focuses on using soothing botanicals to actively cool the skin and soothe the senses to help calm a stressed nervous system in combination with a relieving double cleanse and resurfacing if it can be tolerated by the skin.

phase 2: strengthen + restore 

Begins with targeted treatments and masques to help strengthen, nourish, restore the skin’s barrier, and reduce redness and inflammation. This is followed by lymphatic drainage or pressure point massage.

phase 3: support + protect 

The focus is on supporting and protecting the skin and finishing with our calming and soothing products depending on skin concerns and level of inflammation.

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