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Skincare just got smarter!

The NEW Smart Response Serum gives our skin exactly what it needs, when and where it needs it. It uses the SmartResponse Technology to address four common skin concerns: the appearance of wrinkles, dehydration, dark spots and redness.

Delivers personalized response every time

“Whatever your skin is experiencing, this serum will respond to what it needs,” says Dr. Angela Murphy, head of Research, Development and Global Education. "Smart Response Serum is a custom skin care solution that actually works: It's been proven to lead to healthier-looking skin over time. We noticed it, too. The serum did all the hard work for us. In a clinical study we saw a significant improvement in all four skin concerns in just four weeks.”

Use Smart Response Serum every morning and evening after you cleanse and tone. Give it one minute to absorb before following it up with your normal moisturizer.